Tips to create impactful and short social media videos

Tips to create impactful and short social media videos

Learn more about creating short social media videos for digital marketing

As many digital marketing experts would agree, video marketing is the king in social media marketing nowadays. The impact that videos make are impeccable and worth the effort. The stats agree on the same too. Surveys found out that videos helped 90% of customers in making buying decisions. By next year, 80% of all internet traffic would consist of videos. People devote one-third of the time spent on the internet for watching videos. Some may wonder that we actually spent that much time, but knowingly or unknowingly, we do. With the hidden ads, videos on landing pages, random video ads on YouTube and other Social Media, the rate will increase. Google recently announced a new feature called Outstream in which video ad placement is done beyond YouTube videos. So the importance of video marketing and social media videos is increasing day by day in the world of digital marketing. It is obvious that every single marketer is aware of the situation and tries to make the best of it. Hence, to stand out from the competitors, you need to produce quality content, quality video!

  1. Why short social media videos?

While I clearly mention ‘short’ I mean, a video of a few seconds, maximum up to a minute. Better said than done. The shorter the video is the complex the production would get. Still, we go for short social media videos because long videos don’t situation. Imagine, you are watching a YouTube ad and an ad of 2 minutes or more, you may skip the video altogether. Or as you scroll down the Facebook, you see a video of 3 or more minutes, you know it is a promotion, you scroll down further. You can see, the video makes the reverse impact of what the marketer intended. That is why; the Social Media video must be shorter.  It is significant to create something that draws the attention of the audience in the first few seconds.

  • More audience: As already mentioned, videos are something that can attract a lot of audiences. As today’s generation is social media savvy, focusing on short videos will do wonders.
  • More impact: A video is worth than a million words. Nobody takes the effort to read an article or an entire text. A short social media video can convey the message quite simply and successfully.
  • Technical support: With autoplay features, new Outstream feature and other video ads, the Social Medias really help the marketers to market their product. Even if the customer is not searching for the product, it may appear in front of them via various platforms.
  • Cheaper: Now you may think that the video is more costly than a blog post or other methods. It is not actually the price but the return that we consider. The effort makes the conversion rate much higher. And with the amazing camera specs of mobile phones in the market, video production isn’t as expensive as earlier.
  1. Production of short social media video

You can create short videos of events, customer testimonials, product launches, major announcements etc. The promotional videos by micro influencers from social media can create a great difference (sometimes, even more than mega influencers)

  • Create the idea

The quality of content is what matters. The idea must be unique, creative, and one that influences the viewers. Studying your blog, analytics might help in this. The most shared blog post or the content with most reach can give an idea about what your customers are looking for in your site. New ideas also can be innovated. But as already said the video should standout. The art of storytelling will be handy here. The idea should keep in mind the key demographic you are focusing on and the recent social media trends while developing the idea. An outdated idea will be of no use.

  • Plan

For a video, planning is extremely important. The time of video, message to convey, the pattern of video, start, end, everything matters for short social media videos. A storyboard or a script is necessary. Both will help you to understand the flow of the video.

  • Focus on the first few seconds: The first few seconds must be so powerful that the audiences don’t even think about skipping or scrolling down. Try to create an interest or develop a curiosity about the content of the video.
  • Don’t always brag: It is not always about bragging about your product features. It is not wrong if you have an offer or other promotional activities. But a social media video can do more. If you notice the videos of marketing giants do the product placement is subtle ways. As the basic marketing technique says, we try to influence the emotions. Not to manipulate but to influence! Creating videos with relevant social issues can draw attention and help with your branding.
  • Text friendly: The Outstream and other Social Media play videos in mute. Majority of social media users don’t prefer the sound. Hence, you should add explanatory text to the videos.


  • Recording

The short social media shooting is also something that needs expertise. It is not necessary to have equipment with the advanced specification. A good smartphone camera will be enough. Make sure the device have the clarity and resolution that is required. But to shoot a video, you need to consider some other factors.

  • Proper stability: You need to stabilize the device, probably using a tripod. A shaky video is the least professional thing you could do. You should record the social media video properly.
  • Background: The video background must be simple enough to avoid the distractions. You can use large foam boards for the purpose.
  • Lighting: Needless to say, lighting and ambiance are important in a social media video. Even though natural lights are the best, you can use artificial lights too. You should select proper shades of lighting and set accordingly to create clear, perfect social media video.
  • Sound: If you are using the microphone, try to speak into it. Make sure to avoid background voices. If you are saying something, the language should be crisp and clear. Just audible won’t be enough.


  • Editing

This is the most important factor in the process. The editor is responsible to cut the unwanted portions that were recorded. He should think creatively rather than technically. Put together the recorded clips and add something extra, maybe some background music, an editor is the one who creates the final product. Various tools are available online for editing.


  1. Making it viral

Creating the best short social media videos won’t be enough. Making it trend in social media is the key. You should select the proper title, hashtags, and tag the right people will help it. Also, the thumbnail should be interesting enough. Study about the peak user time of your audience on each platform and share accordingly. Each social platform has a different behavioral aspect. Select the captions accordingly.


Social media videos would be an integral part of digital marketing soon. Hence, you need to understand the importance of creating the perfect videos for your audience. With a little effort, you can skyrocket the conversion rate and improve your business.

I believe this article helps you to understand the topic ‘Creating short and impactful social media videos’. Share your doubts and views in the comment section.

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