6 common technical SEO mistakes and their solutions

Technical SEO mistakes

6 common technical SEO mistakes and their solutions

While working with the website of an organization, there are always tendencies for the website to have a lot of technical SEO mistakes. These then cause inconvenience to the users who visit the website frequently. As a result, the reputation of the site is damaged and then there takes place a considerable drop out in the number of visitors. Finally, the organization is at loss by the unexpected downfall of the website. Hence, even the minutest SEO mistake may hamper the growth of the website.


Common technical SEO mistakes and their solutions


Most technical SEO mistakes are commonly committed by the beginners and have simple and amiable methods to solve them. The following are some of them:

Website Speed

To get a good website speed while staying on a platform is one thing that makes a user consistently happy. Having a low website speed is hence one of the worst technical SEO mistakes that an SEO can commit. Again, through this issue, the site then gets demoted. This can similarly be caused by the usage of oversized images or continuously disturbing ads on the site. The best way to improve the site speed is to improve them. Hence, it is suggested to keep the image sized optimized and place ads carefully.

Broken Links

Broken links are those links which are non-functional in nature. It also belongs to that category of technical SEO mistakes that are frequently seen. It is mostly caused when the website is unavailable or when the website is redirected and when the URL is changed. The best solution to manage such broken links is to monitor the website from time to time. Here, the best way to improve broken links is to manually check every link. Secondly, one can rename the broken links also for better performance.

Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can be defined as a piece of information that is equally made available on all the web pages of the site. This is in fact included in the major technical SEO mistakes which grossly affect the ranking of the website. The most amiable solution to such a problem is to use tools like Plagiarism Checker, Copy Scape and Site liner. There is no need for one to further worry. These kinds of contents can be easily removed by improving the Information Security, Meta indexing and 301 redirect too.


Prominently made technical SEO mistakes


There is also a set of prominently made technical SEO mistakes that make the website look unconvincing in an overall. The following are some of them:

Problems in title tags

Title tags are always found in the header section of the web page. These tags should first of all be short and also convey the idea of the content. Likewise, problematic title tags are also found in those web pages that use similar tags everywhere. Third, these kind of technical SEO mistakes can be found in a site that has no call to action. Therefore, such a problem can be solved by choosing a unique topic, adding a variety of tags and including exclusive information.

Low word count

Low word count is the problem that arises when an idea is considered sufficient and is conveyed in limited number of words. Consequently, the content should neither look too short, nor should it be too long. If the word count is more, then the results are likely that the website might look all bloated up and uninteresting. This might diminish the role of SEO in e-commerce. Therefore, the best solutions to such kind of technical SEO mistakes are to make the content look convincing and interesting.

Bad mobile indexing experience

A wide number of users in e-commerce are in the habit of using mobile as their common platform of usage. The problem then arises when the page is not optimized and unfriendly on mobile screens. The best solution for tackling bad mobile indexing experience is to stop categorizing the content. Secondly, the website should be made comparatively better than what it seems to be on the big screens. Then, the use of rich snippets are said to fetch more clicks. Finally, the technical SEO mistakes can be doubly recovered by adding more details.




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