Must know facts about social media for business | social media strategy

Social media strategy

Must know facts about social media for business| social media strategySocial media strategy

Marketing was a strategy which is to be done with proper and adequate knowledge. In the earlier days, products and services were marketed by moving from one place to another. However, with the proper choice of a social media strategy, much of the products and services can be known about within no time, using the apt social media strategy.

Following are some of the features of social media strategy.


  1. Online adults are likely to follow a brand through a proper social media strategy.

Mouth publicity was one of the preferred ways of getting a product sold till a few years back. But now, with the advent of technology, a brand is made known, publicized and addicted to by a social media strategy. Using such platforms, the products themselves create a space for the people to express their view and reviews. As of the prevailing situation, most adults online choose their products through the brand ratings and reviews. This is done by creating the most attractive profile pages and product descriptions with the help of photos and videos.

  1. Visual content is more viewed and shared on social media.

Living in a world of technology, the earth is said to be revolving 30 times faster than it actually is. In this fast evolving world, there are only a handful of people who care to read any content. Rest get busy window shopping on social media platforms, checking out the latest updation on their social media wall. Creating the most attractive visual contents for a product and creating brand awareness is one of the best methods of a social media strategy. This creates the AIDA interaction with the customers, thus giving more publicity to the leading brands.

  1. 71% of businessmen use Instagram.

The latest survey conducted with regard to a social media strategy revealed that more than half of the groups of businessmen who are active on social media platforms choose Instagram as their preferred platforms. The reason behind when asked was stated that Instagram, unlike the other platforms is comparatively easy to be used. With a wide range of genres provided to the users as criteria before joining the platform, avails the users to publicize the products and services in the most attractive manner than they sound to be. It is mainly used by the youth.

  1. Paid advertisements are the success behind every social media platform.

There are  number of benefits for getting paid advertisement services for a particular website. Apart from viewing the content descriptions and commenting on it, being interrupted by advertisement is at times an advantage. While going through a product’s side, the popping up of an advertisement of the same product, with a message regarding the features of the same in an attractive manner is definitely distractive. But again, the user is compelled to view the advertisement in order to go ahead with his video. The click that he makes is actually a source of money.

  1. Brands are publicized with the number of listening tools.

With the help of social media, most people stay updated on the various products, their prices and varieties of a particular brand. Messages in social media marketing are delivered through effective messages framed in the most attractive manner. Many product brands publicize their latest updation through audios. These may also include live interactions with the potential customers, know more about their needs, demands, suggestions, and recommendations and improve themselves accordingly.

Social media strategy

  1. Impact of videos on the social media users.

Visuals have a huge impact on creating a demand on any commodity. Watching a particular product video for a long time or rewinding it definitely means that there is an element of attraction being added to it. Studies also reveal that videos are more viewed repeatedly than any other form of videos. At a later stage, they also subscribe to the same media for more updations as a symbol of addiction. Sometimes, certain business organizations try being more interactive to their targeted audience using interactive video sessions as well.

  1. Keep a track of variation, timeline, tone, interactivity and personal content.

While being a part of a social media strategy or starting a social media website for a particular business it is always vital to stay updated. There should be prompt updation on the varieties of the product available in market, knowing when a product goes old in market, the way of presentation of the product to the targeted audience and their suggestions. It is always good to remind oneself that the most important part of social media marketing is to satisfy the customer as the customer is considered as the king.

  1. E-Mail marketing.

There is no such individual who does not own an e-mail id and stays connected to the world of commerce. There are hundreds of advertisements that appear in our inboxes each day, providing a list of excruciating offers that really excite us. This is one of the tactics that is followed in a social media strategy too. The brands that we once check out, whether recently or years ago, consider us a potential customer and keep us updated with their latest offers , even if we are interested or not. This is done in order to attract the customers over a period of time or for a longer period to keep the customers intact.

  1. Community marketing.

Apart from building good consciousness in the community regarding a particular commodity, social media helps in building a brand image within a community. It helps the customers build a group opinion and promote the product. Also, it helps the people belonging to different parts of the globe to come together and form a group opinion regarding a particular product or service. With the help of a proper social media strategy, the customers can exchange their views with regard to the same. This is one of the core strengths in business to social media.

  1. We to us strategy.

Community service is something that is said to be the core strength of any business. The business organization must focus on bringing a ‘we’ feeling within the members of the community. The users who are scattered amongst the globe are connected within the click of a finger. Within no time, they are able to create a common platform, share and exchange ideas, opinions, and suggestions. This is one of the best business strategies to get a good position in the social media.

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