Insecurities behind the secured social media platforms | Social media insecurities

Insecurities behind the secured social media platforms | Social media insecurities

Insecurities behind the secured social media platforms | Social media insecurities

The present generation has been equally lucky and unlucky to live in a world where social media platforms serve not only as a platform of entertainment but also as a source of knowledge and a storehouse of information. With the click of the fingers, in the wink of an eye, it brings before us an ocean of opinions and suggestions regarding anything and everything within seconds. Like it has been said and heard over the ages, there are some social media insecurities behind these so-called ‘secured platforms’.

Reasons behind the insecurities

social media insecurities

  • Lack of social media policies

A proper set of rules and regulations must be implemented regarding what content can and cannot be published online. It also explains the method of proper and improper usage of the Medias and brings the users to implement the same. It ensures that no communication has been happening without the consent of law. With the help of a social media policy, both the communication and a check on the privacy of the content communicated are ensured. Beyond such a social media policy, the authorities must be vigilant enough to trace such violations and implement suggestible punishments.

  • Tricky online games

Most of us are addicted to online games and are experts at it. But, often we fail to realize the pitfalls behind them. At times, the game might ask for personal details such as phone number, mail id or other related personal information that we easily give up. But, seldom do we realize the social media insecurities behind the sharing such information. Only at a stage where we understand that we are unable to access our personal information, do we recognize that we have been tricked. It is therefore advisable to either avoid accessing such games or even installing them.

  • Narcissism

This is one of the most prevalent forms of social media insecurity that prevails after the advent of social media in the society. An individual today, rather than focusing on the society that he lives in, admires himself and prioritizes his needs more than anything else. For a short-term, these might seem appealing to the user himself. But, in the longer run, there are chances of this phenomenon leading to the downfall of the person’s psychological behavior.

  • Over usage of social media

The over usage of any media leads to its negativity. Another reason for being insecure in social media is definitely it’s over usage. In the present generation, every individual spends his majority time either on their smartphones or their laptops that connect them to a world filled with fallacies. This world encourages them to share the most personalized details starting from the time they started to use the Social Media for their most vulnerable live images.

Advertisements making people a commodity

The most irritating part of an interesting game, a video or a movie is its advertisement. On televisions and radios, it is rather safe than on laptops and smartphones. Unlike the other mediums, there are times when the users are forced to go through the advertisements in order to complete their video. The trick behind these advertisers are smart and appealing. The constant viewing of ads later makes it unavoidable, creating an urge in the viewer to buy the commodity. Several other times, the viewer is fooled in the name of fake offers which do not exist.

  • Cyberbullying and cyberstalking

Recognized as the most menial kind of social media insecurities raised by social media platforms, cyberbullying is more faced by women than men. The worst drawback of been prone to such an attack is not being able to recognize the source or the place of attack. Another negativity while reporting such incidents is that the person behind leaves no traces or proofs to be caught in the near future and keeps changing their identity. The same happens with cyberstalking where a particular user is traced, followed and verbally abused for no reason in particular.


To every problem, there is a perfect solution that clears the situation by roots. Similarly, there are some tactics in order to get rid of the frequently faced social media insecurities. They are:

  • Limiting the number of publishers

This is one recommendable solution to prevent the number of social media insecurities faced by the people. The present times allow anyone and everyone to view a particular content, edit it and even share it. This might lead to plagiarism or sharing of unauthorized content who are devoid of authenticity and identity.  These platforms should, therefore, add a three to five step of verification process whereby, the user is proven to be real and authentic.

  • Encryption

There should be end-to-end encryption assured on all social media platforms. This ensures that only the sender and the receiver are able to read the messages that have been coded. Using this strategy, essential information such as the credit card number, date of birth, mail passwords and such related information are contained within the two ends. It is important to realize that the most sensitive and valuable data are those being encrypted.

  • Campaigns

People should be made aware of the insecurities in social media platforms through campaigns, gatherings, and meetings. Proper and timely education can prevent the loss and insecurities due to the over usage of social media can be controlled upto a limit through campaigns. The best places for the campaigns to be successfully implemented are schools, colleges and residential areas where the masses can be directly approached

  • Set defaults

Setting a default simply means the capability of the computer or a particular digital device to recognize a particular user without entering their password. Through this, their personal information can be accessed without giving up their personal details. Through default settings, the basic social media insecurities can be avoided as the particular system is enabled to identify the user of the system and immediately pops up warnings or alerts if accessed by someone else.

  • Increase transparency of data regulatory practices

Transparency of data can be brought about by hiding the personalized information through either setting the strongest password that is found hard to crack or by installing certain protection policies on to the social media platform so that there is no blame game of taking protective measures. It is also to be noted that the passwords do not include any personal information like date of birth, phone number or any other contact information.

I hope that this article has made you aware of some of the most frequently faced yet least bothered social media insecurities. If you have any views, comments or suggestion with regard to the same, you may share them in the comment section.

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