Want to improve the SEO score? Top 7 SEO tools in the industry

SEO tools

Want to improve the SEO score? Top 7 SEO tools in the industry

We, as human beings would not have reached anywhere if we did not have tools. So is the case of  Digital marketing. SEO being the most important module of digital marketing, have many tools. SEO tools will help you to maintain the website better, analyse the performance and prepare new strategies. In no particular order, here are some top SEO tools you need to use for improving the SEO score and website ranking.

Here is the list of top SEO tools which helps you to increase your website SEO score.

  1. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is the most popular and most efficient SEO tool in the Digital Marketing industry. According to their website, Ahrefs crawl 6 billion web pages every day. The customer list is the testimony of the quality of service. Facebook, LinkedIn, Adobe, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, HuffPost, the list goes on. The main services are Site explorer (Organic and paid traffic research), Keyword Explorer, Content Explorer, rank tracker (desktop, as well as mobile rankings for any location, is available) site audit etc. Ahrefs also provide domain comparison facility. SERP checking, Keyword checking, Keyword generation, broken link checking, keyword difficulty analyzing are Ahrefs features. The SEO tool also has an alert system where you are notified of new and lost backlinks, web mentions and keyword rankings so that you do not miss anything.

  1. SEMrush

SEMrush is then the top SEO tools for the content marketing. Millions of users including the giants like Amazon, eBay, HP and many more trust it. SEMrush is the most powerful competitor analysis tool available for the SEO experts. SEMrush will get you the information about your competitors’ strategy; organic research on their keywords, their advertising strategies, how they perform in their display ads etc. The SEO tool SEMrush will help you to understand where you stand in the competition. SEMrush is not just an analyzing tool, but is much more than that. SEMrush let you find out the best keyword suggestion whether it is short keywords or long-tailed ones. There is an option to create the keyword list up to 50 keywords. You can find keywords with less difficulty and less competition.

  1. Screaming Frog Spider Tool

Screaming Frog is another powerful tool, which helps you in designing the website. Simply put, its a bulk website designing tool. As an SEO tool, Screaming Frog performs very well, saves you a lot of time, effort. Also, this tool crawls the website, both small and large, efficiently, analyzing the data real time. The SEO tool will give information about broken links, audit redirects, analysis on page titles and metadata; discover duplicate contents, review robots and directives, generate XML sitemaps. It even allows you to integrate with Google Analytics. The free version allows you to crawl a maximum of 500 websites while the premium version offers unlimited services with many more features. Amazon, Google, Apple, Disney are only a few names on the list of satisfied users.

  1. Quick Sprout

Quick sprout web analyzer is a major SEO tool, which helps you to analyze your website. It gives you all kind of information about your information when entering the URL. The result shows results, analysis and suggestion to make your website better. The SEO tool looks at SEO optimization levels, speed, tags, keywords, social media performance and links. The insights will further help you to find out the weaker areas of your website and provides a checklist where you need to concentrate more. You can know how your competitors are doing. It’s free to look up competition website scores.

Other Prominent SEO Tools

  1. Woorank

The main speciality of the SEO tool Woorank is it’s super easy to use. Woorank also works as an SEO audit tool and generate information about the website’s technical aspects, on the page and off page SEO and tracks the keywords.  The service is available in 6 languages and they claim to have 700 new account creations daily. The SEO tool will help you to improve the SEO score. Site crawl is the website crawling tool of Woorank. Hence, the tool helps you to create a digital marketing checklist, which guides you to strategize your digital marketing plans in a better way. In addition, Especially for campaigns, the checklist of Woorank is proved to be a better option to use. You can download the branded reviews in a pdf format.

  1. Moz

Moz provides a number of services as an SEO tool. With the Keyword Explorer, the tool will get you the most accurate search keyword database and helps you to prioritize the best keywords for your site.  The SEO tool Moz pro will crawl at a faster rate even for larger websites. The data obtained is easily analyzable because the reports are categorized. It also allows you to create high-quality backlinks. The MozBar gives you instant and accurate matrices. You can access and compare the link matrices across pages on any search engine result page (SERP). You can also export the SEO reports so that you can access it later. MozBar already has installed over 420k+ installs, which makes Moz one of the best among SEO tools.

  1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console previously known as Google webmasters is a free service provided by Google to ensure your website presence in Google SERP. In addition, One can submit the sitemap of the website and check for errors. The SEO tool will crawl through your website and let you know the stats about the website. The SEO tool lists the internal and external links. Hence, one advantage of using Google search queries is that you will get the most accurate and updated data. The analysis data is reported to a single host domain. The subdomains, if any are to be added separately. You will also get alerts on critical errors or issues.

There are many other tools that will help you to maintain your website and improve the SEO score. It also depends on what you infer from the insights these tools give you. The tools are just ‘tools’ that is in your hand. Also Your website performance depends on how you use this tools.

I believe this article has helped you in understanding ‘The top 7 SEO tools’. If you have any enquiry on the topic, please comment below. The professionals in the Dotz Academy are also happy to help you. Dotzweb academy is one of the top Digital marketing training Institute in India located in Ernakulam, Kerala. We offer high-quality training in digital marketing and legitimate certification.




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