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Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps to replace native apps

Progressive web apps

Technology has progressed so much since the past few years that it is used in all spheres, as a reason to which progressive web apps are used as a common solution. As we all know, apps link us to the platform that we would like to explore more on or get connected to know more about. This not only helps us in saving time but also helps in saving the technical issue of handling many apps at a single platform, in a single go.

Native apps, on the other hand, are complex in operation. Each application has its own mechanism of operation and storage limits and is designed to be used for a particular platform exquisitely. This might confuse the user on which application has stored his information and where exactly has the information been saved. Sometimes, for the effective usage of each app individually, the user might be required to delete some of the unimportant data, which might be needed at a later stage. This is where progressive web apps have a crucial role to play. It helps in the quick retrieving of data and stores it in large amounts from the desktop, saving it for a later stage, to be used when needed.

Features of progressive web apps

progressive web apps

Progressive web apps have some qualities for their purposes that they serve, which makes them popular and the single choice amongst the potential users. The following are some of the features of progressive web apps:

  • Updated

Progressive web apps in the first place are those apps that are specifically designed according to the needs of the users. The browsing needs of the users may keep changing or might remain static. However, the aim in using progressive web apps is simply that the users are to be kept updated with the latest add-ons or features that have been included which might help them in the effective and time sparing search of their desired results. These also notify the users of things that they are likely to know without interrupting their given browsed information that has been displayed.

  • Responsive

As the term suggests, a progressive web app is always responsive. Being a consumer of the speedy internet connection and a combination of the single apps combined into one single platform of service, it offers the best solutions to the queries that are entered by the users. From finding a location to online shopping, redeeming of vouchers to making calls or even making business transactions complete, Progressive web apps are said to be very responsive to not only the queries but also to the recommendations and reviews.


  • Speedy connectivity

A progressive web app is connected by highly efficient browsers that offer connectivity in a speed limit that is beyond the optimum range. In certain cases where there is a need to transfer bulk files together in a single go, these serve as the best option. It also provides an option where the server or the Internet keeps a watch on the user’s amount of data used within a period of time and the intervals at which it is left unused is saved for the later. In a later stage where there is a weak or shortage of data, this saved data is used at an increased speed thus completing the action to be done within no time.

App like

Very much similar to the normal apps that we use in our day-to-day lives is the progressive web app. It consists of a laymen’s catalog that guides us through the whole app. An extra feature added to it is an auto update, this application notifies us of the latest developments and features added onto each application that the user is in need of immediately. It is kept simple in such a way that even the first time users find the platform as a user-friendly one. Due to this same user, it is opted for by and is effectively used by many of the first-hand users.

  • Fresh

The content supplied by a progressive web app is always fresh and updated. Since the app is always used by those people who are fresh hands and are new to the application. It gives vital information about the pros and cons of the usage of the site and removes the in genuine or wrong information at timely intervals. Also with the addition of timely updates and features, it is seen to it that the essential information is saved, the unnecessary ones removed and the application, in general, is kept updated for usage.

  • Safe

The fact that progressive web apps are safe to use is the most relaxing factor. The browsers information each time is contained within the browser. Normally, what happens during the browsing or the saving of information is that the latter is able to view the former’s information soon after the activity is completed. However, with these apps, the safety of the browser is fully ensured. No sooner than the browser gets done with his activity of browsing and quits the system, the information in that particular system gets automatically deleted. This is nothing but one of the best advantages of the progressive web apps.

  • Linkable

Progressive web apps are linkable to other web apps which is one of the best advantages of using it. With being linkable, it gets a wider scope of being linked on to the other websites. For instance, it can be used on the normal search engines where the typing of the name of a particular site actually takes the user to that particular website without much of a difficulty. The same link if placed anywhere within the search engine would make the site accessible to the user. According to the users need, it provides the necessary information and stores the link of the site within the app itself, that has been recently selected.

Therefore, the usage of progressive web apps is recommended simply because it saves a lot of time and provides apt results for what we are looking forward to.

I hope that this article has made you aware of what progressive web apps are and how benefitted the users will be on its proper and adequate usage. We expect your views, comments, suggestions, and recommendations in the comment section below.

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