5 on page SEO factors that affect the page ranking

on page seo factors

5 on page SEO factors that affect the page ranking

Knowing and using the on-page SEO factors help the website to rank first on the webpages of the search engine. It is not a tough job and can be achieved through the maintenance of certain factors periodically. Again, on knowing these factors, it is needed to fulfill the role of these aspects whenever needed, to get desired results. Additionally, it also helps to stay ahead of the competitors too. Hence, these factors must be taken into account. Ahead, we shall see some of the factors that affect the ranking.

Major on page SEO factors

There are a set of on-page SEO factors which are considered of prime importance and should be noted with utmost precision. The following are some of them:

  • Content

The contents added to the website must be suited for each of its pages. Secondly, it should seem useful for aspiring technologists or other professionals in the field. Consequently, all the write-ups published on the site must have a great reach amongst the readers. Furthermore, the information in the write-up should be linked with other information. It should also be curt and purposeful in nature. Its value as being a part of on-page SEO factors should remain the same for years. Hence, content is an important factor for on the page.

  • User Engagement

The users or the readers of a page are the assets of the SEO. Therefore, the content should be refreshed at regular intervals. Additionally, it should have good quality in internal links. It should also engage the users on the whole. This is then one method to improve the CTR. User engagement additionally exposes the users to the pages that are left untouched. Again, the SEO should ensure through the users as one of the major on-page SEO factors, the site speed is optimized. The contents must be focused as well.

  • Technical structure

The main intention of looking on to the technical structure is to improve the overall view of the website. This is also done with the intention of solving the problems of the website and increasing the crawl speed. Consequently, the rearrangements of the technical structure remove the pages with no content or duplicate content. These

Further on page SEO factors

There are some more on page SEO factors which make the SEO activities and the ranking to the farthest end. These include:

  • Interlinking

The reason as to why interlinking is to be done on a webpage is to make the page easily accessible and available to the users. This also improves the sight authority of a website. Then, Interlinking also helps in keeping the website alive. Apart from such benefits, the on-page SEO factors also bring much more organic links on the webpage. Consequently, the new highlights of the main website are also improved. Finally, it links the website to all over the Internet.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

A webpage is made mobile responsive because this way it becomes accessible to the professionals. Moreover, it saves time, energy and efforts of the users too. Furthermore, it should have a responsive design that is user-friendly. Additionally, the web design for the same should be available on Google too. This is beneficial being one of the major ones On page SEO factors because it loads using very less time. It helps the users to stay active on social media too.

  • Keyword Density

The keywords in a website or a webpage should be repeated for a certain number of times. It can also be searched using voice search in the present times. The keywords are mainly used to highlight the points of the write-up. Likewise, the keywords should not be clustered in one particular part of the page and should be spread uniformly. Additionally, these On-page SEO factors should be checked often to see if the count has decreased. Hence, the keyword density helps in keeping the ranks high when low.

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