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Hidden persuasive designs

Hidden persuasive designs in social media

Hidden persuasive designs social media

Social media is an engulfing and involving platform that not only connects us to the world outside but keeps us attracted using its hidden persuasive designs. The users of the social media stay connected to it and spend quality time using them being attracted to their attractive features. These Media not only serve as a platform to keep its users informed but also has a hidden element of persuasion. Something that has gone unnoticed in these Medias is the hidden persuasive designs.

Recurrent hidden persuasive designs in social media

Most social media apps that we use in our day-to-day lives keep us addicted to them through their features and their designs. Following are some of the Social Media that have hidden persuasive designs in them, yet have not been noticed by the users.



Every person likes to create a common platform where they can share their common interests. This becomes even more interesting if they stay connected from different corners of the world. This media not only allows common information to be shared but also to follow the people who have a wider perspective on the same topic. It consists of a lot of information that has been written by experts. This encourages each user not only to express their opinion but also creates an anxiety to follow them.



Favoritism is something that everyone has. Living in a screened generation, all of us have favorites with regard to food, accessories, clothing, books, and anything that we like. This social media has been designed in such a way that every first-time user understands that the platform is meant for the uploading of images regarding anything that a user likes. After the introduction of Instagram on to the social media platforms, almost more than half of the population has become experts in clicking and uploading the images of their personal choice.



There is no one who does not own a Facebook profile these days. The logo of Facebook itself is often portrayed as the users being stuck to their screens. Facebook allows us to know how many users have been watching our activities that we have been posting. It also has an emotional hold on the users. The viewers can reveal their emotions with the help of emojis and also express their feelings using the same platform.

Unnoticed persuasive social media designs

While there are some social Media that have noticeable hidden persuasive designs, there are some others that use unnoticed persuasive designs. These might be the ones that are frequently used and still go unheeded by the viewers. These are some of the persuasive social media designs that have gone unnoticed. These can be created by the users themselves. These are some such unnoticed hidden persuasive designs

  • Profile pictures

There are some things that we never knew about the profile pictures that we upload on the social media.

 The clear image of the person or the brand that is being put up on the social media is suggestible while putting up a profile picture. A tip to improve the level of persuasion is by improving the clarity of the profile image that has been uploaded. Another important aspect to be taken care of while uploading the image is not to use any default image. The profile pictures if attractive compel the business investors to take a random look at the company’s profile.

  • Facebook posts

Facebook is another channel of persuasion there are hidden persuasive designs on Facebook too. These are hidden in the form of emojis, GIFs, and color combinations used. Due to the increasing number of issues regarding the safety of the users, there is a hidden agenda that Facebook has taken up to hide the profile picture from those whom the user feels unsafe for the details to be revealed. The Facebook posts can be enhanced with the help of attractive color combinations.

  • YouTube channel arts

YouTube is not only a channel for information and entertainment. There are some highly persuasive features to this channel known by the name of YouTube channel arts. The users are said to spend most of their time watching videos after selecting a list of what they wish to see and putting them in a queue. The hidden design or feature of this particular social media is that it helps a particular photo or a video or any other upload go viral. This increases the number of viewers and subscribers to a particular channel.

  • Snapchat geo filters

Snap chat is another user-friendly app that is filled with variant types of filters and features that keeps the users addicted to it. Something that is still felt as a hidden persuasive design is the geo Snapchat filter. It helps the users increase their interactivity with the help of interactive sessions. Some of these interactive sessions include seminars, presentation, and webinars. This design helps the users to wisely choose a filter and apply it to the user’s own image.

There are many such hidden persuasive designs on social media. They are all a must try and prove to be beneficial to all the users.

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