Google IO keynote speech 2018 – Most exciting announcements of the year

Google IO keynote speech 2018 – Most exciting announcements of the year

Learn more about the mindblowing announcements made in Google IO keyword speech 2018.

Google started their annual Google IO developer’s conference 2018 on Tuesday. In the keynote speech of the day, they have made some of the coolest announcement, which excites developers as well as users. With all new updates, features, and launches Google made sure that they are far ahead of their competitors. The technologies once people thought was only in science fiction movies have launched in the real world. The hardware and software updates are very much exciting to use in our devices.


Major announcements from Google IO keynote speech

  1. Apps Powered by AI


  • Google Duplex

Google Assistant had proved that it is the most intelligent personal assistant now. But they have no intention to stop in any recent time. AI experiments of Google had made another step further, which surely is an indication that future is nothing short of a science fiction dream. Google Assistant can now make continuous real-time calls for enquiries, bookings etc. This is called Google Duplex. When Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google announced it in Google IO keynote speech, the presentation included a real call that was made by Google Assistant. It was quite surprising as well as exciting that GA can actually understand the nuance of the call, even if the calls don’t go as expected and respond accordingly. We do many things via phone calls, which is now easier to do.

  • Conversations – now more comfortable

Google Assistant is now capable of continuous conversation, i.e. you don’t have to say ‘Okay Google’ or ‘Hey Google’ every time you have a conversation. Its needed only in the beginning and obviously, people are very glad that they removed this annoying feature. Google Assistant is available in 6 different voices to make it more interesting and comfortable. You can select a voice that suits more to your personality. The renowned artist John Legend had lent his voice for Google (How cool is that!). Eventually, GA will be available in various accents and languages all around the world. By the end of this year, about 30 languages will be available in Google Assistant.

Another interesting feature is ‘Pretty Please’, which will help the children to speak more politely. A completely unexpected aspect of technology, isn’t it?


  • Health care – more intelligently handled

The artificial intelligence is employed in health care to analyze the patient data. AI can analyze hundreds or thousands of data simultaneously and actually predict a readmission before a day or two. This will boost the healthcare sector because the doctors have ease in analyzing the data and get more time to act.

  • Smart Compose for Gmail

The feature ‘Smart Compose’ for Gmail soon rollout for all users.  Using AI and machine learning, Gmail predicts the content of Gmail. All you have to do is to tap.

  • Task suggestions

Google developed a new feature to suggest tasks to the user using AI. If we are swiping through the gallery and AI detects some photos of our friends, it suggests sharing the photos with the friends. You can actually do the tasks without much hurry, in just a single tap.

  • AI boost for Photos

It is now easier to make your photos lovelier. Using image recognition and AI, the app got the boost to create collages, stylized pictures and videos automatically. They made colourization of Black and white pictures, brightness correction etc. simpler and better. These AI fixes would be impressive to the users.


Google has associated with major electronics giants to produce smart displays. As per Google IO keynote speech, the displays will go on sale in July. They have integrated many smart options like video calling, surveillance and maps to get the best of the technology.

  1. Google News

Google now focuses on maintaining the quality of the news. This helps to keep up with the news that interests you. Machine learning studies your preferences and gives you the most valuable news for you, even the local ones. You can learn the full story and support the news source.

The revamped Google News brings you top 5 news. The type of news will evolve as you use the app and will be set according to your preference. The ‘Full Coverage’ feature will let you know and understand the whole story, background, key timeline and related news. The video will be on YouTube mostly. They have also announced a new feature called ‘Newscast’, which is just like Instagram stories but for news. That is you can enjoy and support the news as well. They rolled out in Android, iOS and web in 127 countries.


  1. Android P

One of the major announcements made by Google in Google IO keynote speech 2018 was the launch of Android P. The beta version is available for some major handset models. The Android P is focused mainly on 3 things.

  • Intelligence

Of course, the new version is more powered by AI. The UI version is designed to work more intelligently and support the user. Deepmind and Google joined hands to create adaptive batteries. The machine learning technology will learn the usage practices and restrict the background process of apps that are seldom used.

There were adjustments earlier also. But it is made more efficient by Google. The machine learning studies brightness preference of the user in various ambience and acts accordingly.

App actions are a new feature, which predicts the next action of the user. If we are searching for some dish, it may suggest an app to buy it online or find out recipe video on YouTube. They have claimed the prediction is accurate by 60%.

‘Slices’ are new API for developers, an interactive snippet that will boost businesses. For e.g., if you search for a website in Google search, a slice of the website will be shown with their services in the context of your search. If it’s a booking site like Ola, you can book a cab directly. This will surely be a boost for businesses and users.

  • Simplicity

Google always focused on simplicity. It is one of the reason that it overrules Yahoo’s dominance as a search engine. The Android P comes with more simplicity with fewer buttons. The new app switcher is horizontal and more effective. Also, they have introduces to select the apps to rotate screen If the phone is tilted and which one shouldn’t.


3.3 Digital well-being

We are living in an era where everyone is concentrated on the digital world. Many blame technology for anything that happens around us. Google actually surprised me with their focus on making us keep connected to the real world, without phones! The machine learning is employed to understand our habits, focus on what matters, switch off& wind down when need to, and find balance with the family. The android let you know your activities on the phone. You can view hours spent on the app, number of times the phone is unlocked, number of notifications received etc. in a dashboard so that you can analyze your behaviour.

The Do Not Disturb (DND) feature also got improvements. Earlier it was about silencing the notifications and ringtones. But now Google included visual disturbances also. The phone will be automatically activated DND mode if the phone is turned and placed. This feature is called ‘Shush’. You can set starred contacts if you don’t want to miss someone’s call in the Shush mode.

You can enter your bedtime and the device will turn on DND automatically and change its display to greyscale.


  1. ML Kit

Google IO keynote speech 2018 had good news for developers as well. Google launched a new set of APIs ML kit available through firebase. ML kit includes Image labelling, text recognition, face detection, barcode reading, landmark detection, and smart reply. The developers can use ML cloud-based technologies with ML kit.

  1. Google Maps

Another interesting feature announced in Google IO keynote speech 2018 was regarding Google Maps. Now the Google is able to add automatically businesses and addresses that are extracted from satellite images. This will improve the map to a great extent especially in rural areas and constantly changing cities.

  • For You – easier way to hang out

A new tab called ‘For you’ is added to the maps. You can view new places, trending restaurants, interesting clubs etc. in your neighbourhood. Machine learning combined with Google data gives suggestions that are more specific. You can share the list with your friends on any platform. They can add more places or vote on current places. There is no need of earlier tedious task of copying and sharing the link to each person. Meeting up with friends is easier (Hurray!)


  • Maps with real-time information

With the combination of camera and street view, Google redefined the walking navigation technology. You can actually see what is the building surround you. If you think name board is enough, no, the maps show the details and reviews of nearby places and organizations.

In the walking navigation, you are not alone, Google gives you the best companion (An AI character) to walk along with you. The UI will have large icons to show you directions.

  • VPS

The Visual Positioning System gives you more precise positioning and orientation. The maps will be more fun to use now than ever.

  1. Google lens

Google IO keynote speech announced an amazing development of Google lens. A lens that can understand the real world around you.

You can focus the Google lens on a particular subject and understand what it is. If you don’t know an insect near you, all you need to do is to open Google lens and focus. Google will let you know what it is.

The next feature may is impressive. The Google lens can read and understand the text. You take a photo of a textbook, highlight and copy, and paste the text into your device. This is known as ‘Smart text selection’

‘Style match’ is a feature, which let you find things similar to the object you see. If you find a dress of your friend good, you can open lens and focus on the dress. You will see some similar suggestions.

The lens will be integrated inside the camera in upcoming devices and it works real time.

  1. Waymo – Driverless cars

The Google’s driverless cars have now driven over 6 million miles now. Google expects to launch the same soon for public transportation. The driverless cars are installed not just with the camera but also with multiple sensors and radars for precision in perception, prediction, decision making, and mapping. The error rate is reduced by a 100 times already.

  1. TUP 3.0

Sundar Pichai announced new chips Tensor Processor Unit 3.0. The new processor is 8 times powerful than last year. This will bring an advantage over its competitors.


The Google IO keynote speech was nothing less than science fiction story. With improved AI and machine learning, the next generation devices can achieve than a common person presume. Let’s see what all changes will happen to the technical world when all these features roll out.

I believe this article helps you to understand the ‘Google IO keynote speech 2018’. Share your doubts and views in the comment section.

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