Future education technology | What is the future of technology in education

Future education technology

What is the future of technology in education?

Smart classes and distant education are all stepping stones to the future education technology. These have helped in exploring the academic lessons in a better manner. Living in a digital era, the schools are all in a run to provide the students with a complete learning experience, not just to learn things but also to experience things. The initial steps of education included the teaching and learning within the classrooms. This was progressed by the step of digital classrooms. Unfortunately, digital technology has not been introduced in all nations. The future of technology though far is wide.

The following are the expected interventions in the future education technology:

Future education technology

  • Intelligent learning

Mugging up lessons or by hearting of bigger chapters is always a heinous task that is given to the students’ right from the elementary stages of learning. Though there has been the inclusion of smart classes and a good usage of digital technology, there will be more to it. Intelligent learning is said to help the student’s memories concepts better. Through the help of this technology, there is a problem, cause and effect relationship attained. This technology is said to be a big solution to the setbacks caused while providing notes and sharing of a vital piece of information. The best part of it is that the essences of the lessons are kept intact.

  • Virtual reality

Learning by experience is the new way of learning. Virtual reality is said to be one of those experiences that would help the students in getting a better understanding. This feature of the future education technology enables the students to sense and feel whatever they are learning. For instance, learning the concepts of quantum theory through lengthy chapters is much boring. Instead, the students in the future will be availed to study the same concepts in an interactive atmosphere. By doing this, the students would get the feel of the lessons and also instantaneously understand what is taught with absolutely no difficulties.

Learning on demand

Something that would excite the students about the future education technology is the concept of learning on demand. The students apart from receiving the luxury of distant education can choose the timings and the subject of their preference. In addition to this, they can also have the practical experience of it by entering into a three-dimensional world. They are also at the benefit of starting, pausing, restarting and rephrasing of whatever lessons they have been taught. Learning on demand adds to the time schedule of the teachers and the students.

  • Digital assessment

The present generation lacks a proper kind of interaction. Interaction does not simply mean ice-breaking sessions amidst the class. The teachers must be able to understand and evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses. The digital assessment strategy enables the students to have a digital rapport with their teachers. In the meantime itself, they can prepare an assessment report about the methods of teaching, the tone, the tonality, and the mode if teaching. The students are also facilitated to ask the teachers to implement the necessary changes like a shift in the location or the timings of class. The classes can also be separately taken at home for a student who is unable to attend classes

  • 3D printing

Future education technology is going to create miracles in various areas of learning. This technology is something that is assured to increase the grasping power of the students. Using this technology, the three-dimensional figures of the images are produced on larger screens. Subjects that need to be studied with deeper intensity like physics, chemistry, and economics can be better studied using 3d printing. For instance, the complicated concepts of chemistry, like the equations, the signs and symbols can be quickly understood by the usage of 3d printing.

  • Paper thin smartphones

Phones are the most inevitable devices in our lives. They help us stay connected in long distances and updated with the help of the location tracking systems. These days we can rarely find a person who does not own a smartphone. In the future, we can expect paper thin smartphones which are portable and easy to use. Soon, these smartphones will be available in foldable and resizable shapes and sizes. These will also be flexible as well that ensures the non-breakage or the recovery of the phone even after being damaged. This ensures the students of a safe usage of smartphones.

  • Biometric eye tracking

Parents always have a safety concern for their children. Students are the most vulnerable category amongst them. It is frequent and common news that the kids go missing after school or on the way. This will be no more a concern for the parents and teachers. The future education technology assures biometric eye tracking of the students and youngsters. This will be done through the attachment of the biometric eye tracker to the devices that they use daily.

The future education technology provides a platform for the students to educate, explore and evaluate themselves. If utilized to the maximum, these technologies will turn out to be doorways to their future.

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