E-Commerce trends 2018: Areas That Will Change Online Shopping

E-Commerce trends 2018: Areas That Will Change Online Shopping

E-Commerce trends 2018: Areas That Will Change Online Shopping

The development of e-commerce trends in the upcoming years would have more competition in the e-commerce market. So, the specific e-commerce trends with respect to e-commerce in upcoming years are as follows:

  1. Omni-Platform: The onset and development of the Internet of Things, consumers are switching towards integrated platforms and devices. The e-commerce applications would be required to integrate with the competition in 2018. Now, mostly all the online shoppers start their shopping on a device and end it on a different device.
  1. Faster Delivery: As there is an increase in online sales and competition, brands can earn competition with faster shipment and deliveries. Companies looking for e-commerce trends should look out more options in 2018 with enhanced shipping cut-off times.
  1. Utilization of Augmented Reality: As technology is moving fast at a rapid speed, Augmented Reality will have an impact on e-commerce trends. The applications like Snap Chat already started using Augmented Reality in their services. In 2018, e-commerce applications should search for measures to integrate their functionalities with Augmented Reality.
  1. Video Content: It is evaluated that a video comprises of all the online consumer Internet traffic within 2020. The video content has the power to enhance the purchase intent. Moreover, it can increase the click-through rates also. In addition, live videos will be trending in 2018 to improve customer engagement.
  1. Voice Search: Mostly all the online consumers have taken the help of voice search to make a purchase. Applications that are used in the e-commerce field should make content suitable with common user queries, terms used for purchasing. The analysis that is carried out in order to understand these e-commerce trends on the basis of different factors, parameters.


  1. Trends by City-size: The budget allotted to online shopping is in decreasing order in mid-size metropolitan areas, suburban areas, rural areas. It has been noted that most of the people doing online shopping from a suburban area do not pay shipping costs. Moreover, online privacy is one of the major concerns for rural area online shoppers.

E-commerce Trends Much Needed

e-commerce trends

  1. Trends by Types of Online Goods: Online retailers have succeeded in engaging the online shoppers for purchasing clothing, shoes, and accessories. Online shoppers prefer sticking to marketplaces for purchasing electronic items. Social media has a major role in the purchasing trends of the buyers.
  1. Animation: When users play games, any motion attracts them and also gives a useful feedback. In the same way, in e-commerce, a motion could be a sign of delight. The motion will make an experience feel livelier. Subtle animation is an essential fact. Utilize some form of movement in order to the customer experience.
  1. Automation: Automation has been the most productive way for the online merchants in order to progress their e-commerce business. As e-commerce merchants are shifting to social media to drive traffic, sales, automate the process. Mostly, all the online shoppers opt using messenger apps to contact businesses rather than traditional methods.
  1. Mobile commerce: The application of mobile would once again continue to have a stronger hold in 2018. In 2018, the process would be flicked for new online retailers. The primary activity will be creating a top-indent mobile experience and secondary focus will be desktop. The e-commerce trend is to continue using SMS to communicate with customers.
  1. Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Cryptocurrency has become more prominent than online retailers. So, this e-commerce trend would totally change the game in 2018. As it has benefits like advanced transactional security and zero risks of payment frauds. Blockchain, that manages transactions, currencies without central authorities can transform the entire e-commerce industry.

12. B2B grabs e-commerce: The online retailers and wholesalers like to work over the phone and use the pen, paper to deal with bulk trade orders. This would mark an increase in a number of B2B platforms allowing customers to shop from multiple trade vendors. So, each customer will have a negotiated price with their vendor and buying experience is much more functional.


13. Web performance: Performance and user experience of your e-commerce business would become more significant in 2018. For e-commerce businesses, where the difference of 200 milliseconds means the difference between gaining a customer and losing them to a competitor. So, keep your site perform better in order to stay competitive in 2018.


14. More delivery options: When users do online shopping, same-day delivery has become an expectation in today’s digital world. Doing partnerships with delivery startups, physical stores have enabled retailers to deliver products on time. People expect same-day delivery and there is tight competition by matching speed with convenience.


15. Simplicity over complexity: Mostly all the brands are investing more in quality content over tech content in 2018. It is because retailers finally understand that website is for serving the customer, not themselves. Parallax should tell a story and slideshows are not a solution for all homepages.

16. Brutalism design aesthetic: Brutalism entered the stream in 2017 and would be used mostly by e-commerce brands in 2018. Brutalism web design was initiated for an ironic design trend but now it is gaining lots of pulling. On the internet, Brutalism web design describes that designs are big and bold. It features analog-style design elements and using animation.

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