Differences Between Static And Dynamic Website

Differences Between Static And Dynamic Website

Differences Between Static And Dynamic Website

Website infers to a set of a web page comprising of text, images, audio, and video. The first page of a website is known as a home page. Every website has an internet address that should be entered into your browser to access a website. The website is hosted on one or more servers and could be accessed by visiting homepage using a computer network.

There are two types of website and they are named as a static and dynamic website. A static website is written in plain HTML and what is in the code of the page is displayed to the user. On the other hand, a dynamic website is written using a server-side scripting language such as PHP, ASP, JSP, or Coldfusion. In dynamic website content is done by scripting language from other files or from a database depending on actions taken by the user.

How Static Website Are Different From Dynamic website?

Dynamic website

  • Advantages Of Static Website

The main advantage of the static website is flexibility. It infers that each page could be different to match the layout to different content. This provides space for making different themes for a page. The cost is lower than a dynamic website.

Static website saves a lot of time and is very quick to develop. A professional web developer could develop a static website faster than a dynamic website. The search engines could very easily index a static website as they are only of series of coded files. In static websites, files could be transferred from server to client without taking much processing time.

  • Advantages Of Dynamic Website

Dynamic websites are connected to databases so information could be pulled in an organized way to create product pages of products. They build a content management system that is an interface that allows clients to input and manage data. The content could be the text for their pages, images to go with the text or items with categories etc. The cost is very little until there is a change in basic design or an extra capability added.

Dynamic websites could be very easily updated according to the needs of the business owner. Experts advice is not needed in changing the site and any change in the template would bring change in pages. Dynamic websites are interactive with the users and it changes according to the behavior of users.

Dynamic website responses very quickly to various screen sizes that were not possible with a static website. The dynamic website provides a smoother navigation and allows users to move from one page to another very easily.

  • Disadvantages Of Static Website

Static websites will appear when you want to update the content. If you are not familiar with HTML, design methods used in site then ask the designer to change the content. It is a problem when you want to change some text it annoys the client and designer.

Another problem is scalability. Planning to sell products on your site but then making individual pages for each will take more time, effort and cost. In addition, there are ongoing costs for updating your content.

A static website is not suitable to run your site for a longer period of time as updates should be made with the latest trends. To make changes, each page file should be changed which would consume a lot of resources and time.

  • Disadvantages of Dynamic website

The design in the dynamic website is fixed as pages are a template. In the template, the data and content are poured out to create multiple pages of a similar type. So all your product pages would be of the same page layout with different data being displayed.

The processing is slow on a dynamic website. Various functions to perform with complex technology so dynamic website becomes slower to process and load.

The customization capability could be built in that is limited to selecting from a set of pre-defined options. The individual layout changes to particular pages are not usually possible. The costs are very higher initially when compared with a static website. Extra functions would cost more if it requires re-writing of core code or database.

More Information on Static And Dynamic Website

Static website: the Static website is the simplest kind of website that could be developed. Static websites are written in HTML and CSS only with no scripting. The static website could only have interacted through hyperlinks.

If your website should be small of around 3 pages or less then, the static website would be the best option. Planning to share elements amidst pages like logos or menus so duplicate HTML on every page.

Static websites are easier than dynamic websites as they need less coding and technical knowledge. Nowadays, static websites are uncommon since there is so much that scripting could do.

Dynamic website: Dynamic website uses HTML, CSS but also includes website scripting. There are reasons that would help to select why you need to use website scripting on your site. You would need an interactive web application that users could use and not just read. You want to share HTML code amidst your pages. If you want that yours should be a dynamic website then learn a coding language like JavaScript, PHP, Ruby on Rails or ASP.NET.

Do You Know Whether Your Site Is Static Or Dynamic?

If your site is an informational website that is designed to read then every page could be printed out. Even if your website does not have hyperlinks it would still work. Then yours is a static website.

On the other hand, if your site is very interactive that users could use and not just read then it is a dynamic website.

There are two very contrasting types of interactivity on a dynamic website that are front-end scripts and back-end scripts. Front-end, the back-end is also known as client side and server side.

The utility of static and dynamic website depends on specific needs and purposes. Few people mostly prefer simplicity, ease of static websites while others are attracted to functions of dynamic websites. Both websites have their own advantages and limitations.

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