Latest Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know in 2018

Digital marketing trends

 Digital Marketing Trends You Need To Know in

Digital marketing trends

As 2017 is going to end, all companies are busy in planning for their strategies in digital marketing for 2018. Next year is going to be very essential for digital marketing as prominent marketing strategies will be replaced by emerging technologies and platforms.

So, you should be updated about the digital marketing trends that are going to come by next year.

Digital Marketing Trends

1. AI-Powered Content Creation:

digital marketing trends

The content will not change in the upcoming years but the way of creating content will remain in the hands of artificial intelligence. The prominent platforms such as Forbes, Amazon utilize this user-generated content. Artificial Intelligence is included in the content creation such as writing an article for websites, planning social media posts and also creating content according to the interests of users.

In the future, in the sector of digital marketing, marketers will try to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence to create content.

2.Chat Bots:

digital marketing trends

Chatbots were used to interact with the customers at an initial stage as they decrease the response time and interact better with the customers. Chatbots can be utilized to drive the personalized email digital marketing campaigns or to even interact directly with a customer in order to collect information. This method will aid in the better performance of content marketing.

3.Voice Search and Digital Assistants:

Digital marketing trends

With the help of voice search and digital assistants, the way of communication will be transformed. One of the main reasons for the rise in voice search over the years is because humans speak around 150 words per minute but could type only 40 words.

According to the statistics by Google, the voice search queries have gone twice in the last year and around 50% of searches were voice searches. The increase in the voice searches aids to create a need for long keywords and excellent content as voice search optimization holds the future of SEO.

4.Visual Search:

Digital marketing trends

The image that is processed in our brain is 6000 times faster than reading content. So, various search engines came up with their form of visual technology in digital marketing for faster search results.

In digital marketing, the ephemeral content that is the option of stories that we use in Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc. is the new leader in digital marketing as it has a chance for better visibility and users are more engaged when compared to normal feeds.

This type of video could be utilized to promote the offers that are limited. We can see this option like the visual search started by Bing is an improvement of Bing’s image search that will help the user to select a particular product shown within a larger image.

This trend of visual search will surge with voice search and also will be one of the factors in ranking a website in future.


digital marketing trends

It is an Artificial Intelligence program that is developed by Google in order to process the search queries. This method is going to solve all the search queries that are related not even in digital marketing but also in the other sectors. It is the third most important ranking factor of Google.

RankBrain automatically learns new queries and then revises the search engine results pages according to it. This method has broader links for keyword research and ranking in digital marketing.

Different algorithms will be utilized for each search query.

6.Big Data:

Digital marketing trends

It infers to massive volumes of data that are arranged with the help of predictive and behavior analytics. Previously, big data was utilized to track the climate information, transaction records, GPS signals etc. But presently, big data is being used in digital marketing.

Every second around 40 gigabytes of data is being produced. So, a mass analytical engine is required to process all of it. Big data can be utilized in order to position ourselves that could be found easily through organic search.

Big data can help in enhancing SEO, managing many campaigns etc. When lots of content is being published, then it will become easy to convert it into semantic information as it is easier to evaluate the data rather than content. Familiarizing with different schemes in digital marketing will put the marketers in front of their competition.

7.Digital Advertising:

Digital marketing trends

Nowadays there are so many ways of advertising that no one knows that from where to start. But in the field of digital marketing, digital advertising will be big in 2018. When we speak of advertising in digital marketing, one thing that should be taken care of is that experiment and search for new avenues to grow.

8. The rise of Augmented Reality:

Digital marketing trends

The augmented reality on the mobile devices will give way for marketers to engage more in the sector of digital marketing in order to reach the target audience and that will be easy and interactive.

A lot of social channels are planning to introduce new methods of integrating augmented reality in their platforms.

There is an app called IKEA rolled out place through which furniture can be viewed before buying. Very soon, brands will be able to project the products in the homes of social media users through special filters.

9.The rise of B2B Influencer Marketing:

digital marketing trends

The business to business marketing depends on it influencers in digital marketing. So, more effective ways will look out to reach potential partners in digital marketing.

Business to business marketing involves more social media channels such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Unlike business to consumer, the business to business influencer marketing mostly focuses on long-term relationships. If a small group of influencers is focused, then it will foster that relationship.

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