Tips to create SEO friendly content

create SEO friendly content

Tips to create SEO friendly content 

The basic knowledge of a content writer gets proved if he knows how to effectively create SEO friendly content. Such a content always creates an impact on the ranking of the website on any search engine platform. Therefore, there is a need for every website to make the contents in accordance with the keywords which are set by the SEO. There are many tools that are used to create good SEO content. There are many tips that help in creating good content. Moving ahead, we shall see some of them:

Ways to create SEO friendly content

There are many methods in which the content writer can easily create SEO friendly content. The following are some of them:

  • Use headings and subheadings

Attractive headings and subheadings are something that quickly grabs the attention of the readers. The point here is not only to attract the readers but also make it easy to read. It is again a known fact that it is not easy to create SEO friendly content. Hence, it is suggested that each subheading contains only a certain number of words. Again, these words should stand relevant to the topic. Ideally, a well-framed content is said to have minimum 300 words under each subheading.

  • Add links to the website

The better the links, the better will be the rank of the website on Google search pages. These links serve beneficial to the clients by adding credibility to the article or the write-up. There are two types of links. One of them is the inbound link strategy and the other is the outbound link strategy. The inbound links are links that direct to other articles same website. On the other hand, outbound links are those that add other insights to the existing information. All these help in creating SEO friendly content.

  • Optimize the length of the article

The article that is published on a website should have an optimum length while framing it. It should neither look too short nor should it look really long. It should again, follow an optimum word count which is looked forward to by the readers while going through the article. The minimum length of an article said to be 700-800 words. Additionally, 1-2% of the articles need to consist of the keyword. At least 5 to 6 times of using the keywords is recommended in the write-up.

More techniques to create SEO friendly content

There are a few more techniques that help in creating SEO friendly content. The below given are some more techniques that may serve beneficial in the process;

  • Choose the keywords wisely

The keywords are the messengers of a blog to its targeted audience. Therefore they should be chosen wisely with utmost precision. Each time a keyword is chosen, it must be chosen in such a way that it stands unique from the rest. This is a very beneficial tip to create SEO friendly content. An SEO can either go for a proper set of tools that become helpful or try them as per the search results. Another way to make a better choice is to keep alternating between the set of keywords used. See to it that the keywords once used are not used again.

  • Write a high quality content

The quality of the content plays a crucial role in making it SEO friendly. This should hence be made evident through the writings including the blogs and the on-page content. All the more, it should seem interesting and shareable. Hence, it is good if the content writer follows a set of updated online content marketing tools. This will definitely keep the readers entertained who will look forward to the new updates. It is also good if the content is written in an arranged format.


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