Best content marketing statistics

Content Marketing Statistics

Best content marketing statistics looked forward to in 2019

Every web development company must be updated with the latest content marketing statistics in order to be listed as per the rankings of the website. In this same aspect, the content plays a major role in taking a website to higher levels. However, writing content for a particular site is not as easy a job as it sounds to be. Ultimately, it must be read and shared by the people. The following are some of the best tips that a content writer must follow in 2019.

Achievable Content Marketing Statistics for 2019

While planning for the next year, a content writer must, first of all, analyze the pitfalls often made. Then, he must prepare a list of steps to be included in his statistics. The following are some of the achievable content marketing statistics for 2019:

  • Get your basics right

The content must be well framed and informative to the readers. Again, this is said to be one of the reasons for the 80% success of the website. Secondly, it is vital to choose a strong content marketing strategy. Also, the write-up must not lose its point of focus and stay in connection with the main point. Similarly, before starting off, one must take all possible references in connection with the topic. Finally, it is important to fix up a style of writing to avoid any sort of confusions to the readers.

  • Improve your method of distribution

Searching for the best channels of distribution is the next step in improving the content marketing statistics. This can easily be done through paid ads. Paid ads are the best ways of distributing an idea to the clients. Again, this is one way to gain more customers. Trying out different channels of distribution also helps in conducting more organic research. Here, it goes without saying that the focus should be on the topics and not the subheadings.

  • Focus on the best channel to perform

Contents, as they sound, are not only verbal but also written in a particular format. Visual content, as a matter of fact, creates more impact than that of verbal content. The best mediums of impactful content are e-mail, social media, and infographics. This adds up to the effective use of social media marketing strategies. This kind of content needs more time to be prepared.

Practical Content Marketing Statistics

While focusing on content marketing statistics, one must check if they are practical or not. Also, it is a sheer wastage of time chalking out impractical statistics. The following are some of the practical content marketing statistics for 2019:

  • Focus on a particular set of audience

As we keep in pace with technology, we get to understand the tastes and preferences of the readers. Secondly, it is essential to choose a visual platform rather a written platform. This is due to the reason that it is the most preferred and used medium when compared to the others.  Here, the content needs to be framed and prepared well additionally, the users nowadays use platforms such as e-mail, social Media and similar ones.

  • Don’t write for the sake of writing

A writer always stays updated with the topic allied to his field and collects information regarding the same. Again, he must choose those topics that sound new to the readers and are left unattempted by any other writers. A very common yet much-unused strategy is the revamping of the old contents of the earlier written contents. Hence, it is very important to understand that even revamped content generates a number of readers. As a result, the readers also do not get the feel of reading the repeated content.

Place your audience first

One important thing that a web development company should always prioritize is the audience and the readers. In the first place, the content writer must analyze his audience and their preferences for a period of time. Also, he must analyze the statistics of the number of people who have actually gone through the content. The choices and tastes of the readers can identically be understood through their reading. Finally, the goal in content marketing statistics is to keep gait with the needs of the audience.

I believe that this article has helped you to know about the various content marketing statistics looked forward to in 2019. If you have any doubt regarding this topic, please make sure to comment on your ideas. Dotzweb Technologies is one of the best web development company in India. We offer services in digital marketing, branding, website design & maintenance, SEO optimization, and content marketing.


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