Optical Networking and Communication marketing by 2025

communication marketing

Optical Networking and Communication marketing

Communication marketing is a strategy that makes the whole economy stay in a balance. Since a very long time, India has been well known for its import and export strengths. The only thing that was seen to have been causing an extreme delay in the whole process was communication. Though the initial stage was sending handwritten messages, technologies gave a push which made marketing easier.

The first kind of networking chosen was LAN (Local Area Network) that was used to connect two people who were located a few kilometers away from the person. Again, it was extended to WAN (Wide Area Network) with the help of which more width and helped connect bigger cities and towns. Through these extended communication methods, marketing as a job was free of delays caused.

Importance of communication marketing

  • Helps to study the marketing trends

A market survey is a preliminary step before launching a product into the market. Else, there would not be an assurance of a success or failure of the product. Therefore, there must be a SWOT analysis done before, after and during the launch of the product. A SWOT analysis is the study of the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and trends in the markets. Secondly, It is always the nature of the customers to track down the trends and follow them.

  • Helps in face-to-face communication

Optical Networking helps covers the distance between people. It is also often very time taking for most businessmen. Then, this function is made simpler with the help of optical networking where people are allowed to travel and communicate easily. It even helps in a group communication by connecting two or a group of people who are located at various locations to make deals without many difficulties.

  • Helps in finalizing the market type and region

Optical networking helps in analyzing market trends to a great extent. The suppliers might not be very sure about its success or failure. On top of it, if the product has been popularized across various countries, it might be painstakingly difficult to launch it. Besides, optical networking technologists say that communication marketing evades the suppliers through a live demonstration. The rest of whether to choose the product or not is left to the consumers.

  • Helps in building business opportunities

Firstly, The base of business is in weaving relationships. The relationships is built and maintained by meeting new entrepreneurs and establishing new deals. However, with limited financial support and resources, only a few relationships can be built. Again, thinking from an economic point of view, it is not a practical solution to travel frequently.

Ways to measure communication marketing:

The measurement of communication marketing can be done with the use of optical networking. These factors help in the measurement of the optical networking and keep a track of it. It can be measured through:

  • The competitive landscape

The businessmen must be well aware of what the competitive landscape is like.  Again, to study the level of competitiveness he must either settle for a commodity that is rarely available. However, the process does not start with that.  Similarly, communicative marketing must be used without taking much time for traveling.

  • The demand and supply

The existence of a commodity depends upon its recurring demand and supply pattern. But, when it is to be measured amongst various countries, there arrives confusion. This can be sorted out by creating a strong optical network and communication marketing strategy. By doing this, a common demand-supply pattern of the commodity can be understood. Also, the taste and preference pattern of the goods, its rise and fall can be easily noted.

  • The trends

The process of understanding a trend and settling for it at the global level is very much similar to how it is done at the personal level. Moreover, what people normally do is to contact their nearest friend or relative who is located far away or knows it. This method can now be discarded or kept away with the help of optical networking. This enables us to contact people located in far-off countries and ask for suggestions or remedies or even perform the same activities at a same.

The market size

The market size of a commodity can be easily measured through optical networking. Depending on the same, the manufacturers can evaluate the demand and supply and expand or reduce the size of the market when needed.

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