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Everything You Need To Know About Google’s Rankbrain When technology is changing at a very fast pace, there should be methods to optimize websites for search engines. While many principles and tactics stay equal in optimizing search engines, we cannot deny the fact of current technological breakthroughs like the introduction of complex machine learning algorithm systems like Google’s RankBrain. RankBrain infers to an artificial intelligence program that is used to help the process of Google search queries. RankBrain uses artificial intelligence to embed large amounts of written language to mathematical entities that......

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Social media strategy

Must know facts about social media for business| social media strategy Marketing was a strategy which is to be done with proper and adequate knowledge. In the earlier days, products and services were marketed by moving from one place to another. However, with the proper choice of a social media strategy, much of the products and services can be known about within no time, using the apt social media strategy. Following are some of the features of social media strategy.   Online adults are likely to follow a brand through a proper social media......

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communication data

Infographics and its importance | Communication data Infographic is a term used for denoting any visual representation which consists of information and graphics. It is used for the most effective communication data using graphical representations of bar graphs, histograms, line graphs and pie charts. It comes to its best effect in places where the readers feel that they are short of time to go through the entire written information. This kind of data can be used for a comparison of statistics, even at a later stage. Infographics are particularly used by data......

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google map updation

Google Map Updation | Google planning to launch an exhilarating app on virtual reality  Unlike the olden times, today’s generation goes blank on being asked directions or landmarks. Technology has now taken an inevitable step in finding a solution towards the same. An awe-inspiring Google map updation is said to be the next exciting feature which is going to keep the users addicted and in the track of the directions. What is a virtual reality? Virtual reality is the live experience of our surroundings in such a way that the users can......

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SEO Plugins

4 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress – Your perfect SEO partners If you are someone who works on creating a presence online, you definitely understand the significance of optimizing a search engine. SEO constitutes the major module of digital marketing, and any effort you have taken to create a good content will go futile without search engine optimization. Now, studying the basic SEO rules like keyword infusion, meta description, URL creation, and other factors helps you in SEO. But there are almost 200 factors, which affects optimization. Taking care of all those......

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8 Digital Marketing updates by Google

8 Digital Marketing updates by Google The digital marketing world is something that is constantly updated. Every marketing special look for digital marketing updates every day, because major or minor, the updates matter. Last month wasn’t different. There were multiple digital marketing updates for Google, Bing and other Social Media. Google is the most significant part of the digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing enthusiasts eagerly look up to their updates; probably reload their twitter handle a few times a day just to catch that new information. Google had made some major and......

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