The Impact of Block Chain and Crypto currency on SEM

Block chain and Crypto currency

The Impact of Block Chain and Cryptocurrency on SEM

Blockchain and cryptocurrency are two significant updations in the field of technology that helps in easy and shared use of resources to all the users. Here, information is shared amongst all the users with utmost levels of transparency. Block chain is also considered as the most transparent platforms while undergoing monetary transactions. Each user or participant in the platform is made aware of their transaction and are made alert of fake contracts. This way, the combinations of the two technologies help in bringing better contracts.

Applications of Block chain and Crypto currency

There are several useful applications of block chain and crypto currency in the SEM activities. The below given are some of them:

  • Creates database and copyrights

As the two technologies of block chain and crypto currency are unified, there is more safety and security ensured in the data. Also, it creates a common platform for various fields such as technology, travel, business, health and medicine and so on for storing the data. It furthermore creates a separate space for each kind of business and sees to it that the information is owned by the creators. This way, it then manages the smart contracts. Additionally, the users get best benefitted with the full transparency involved without any intermediaries.

  • Creates unique digital identities

Having a digital identity in the digital marketing platforms makes it clear that an organization is significant on a digital platform. This then builds on the levels of trust to the new investors, which gives them an impression that the platform is safe. Here, each user is enabled to see their personal credit score for each monetary transaction, especially for properties. Again, these transactions demonstrate the customer identity through KYC (Know Your Customer) strategies.

  • Data privacy, safety and control

Securing the personally gathered information now a days is not as difficult, with the help of different set if tools. Again, the platform of block chain and crypto currency ranks those customers high, those who have scored maximum monetary transactions. This is again highlighted in the case where the platforms are to deal with personal information. It makes sure that the information cannot be accessed by third parties and compensation be made available to individual users.

Other ways of Implementation of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Since the levels of application of blockchain and cryptocurrency are unending in number, there are several ways of implementing the same. The following are some of the other ways of implementation:

  • Builds trust of the users

Advertisements are seen as one of the best ways of keeping the customers confined to a specific platform. However, it should be budget oriented and must not go overboard. In all cases, ads cannot be considered as a trustworthy source of information. It also does not seem clickable unless it looks clickable and has attractive contents. Contents are hence a significant factor that drives in trustworthiness. This same content should also be available to the users during their transactions. This is why people always choose a combination of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

  • Improves transparency

Transparency is yet another factor that wins over the trust of people. This is since the platforms of blockchain and cryptocurrency disclose only certain information to the users. The rest of the data is kept private and inaccessible to the third parties. The transparency can only be attained on these platforms if the source and the recipient send and receive payments on time. Finally, from a point, this can be seen as one of the best benefits of doing business or digital marketing.

  • A new way of ad payment

Blockchain and cryptocurrency together has created a new and easy method of making cashless payments. This then reduces complexities in each transaction. Also, another benefit of making the ad payment is that there are no intermediaries. This consequently enables a low transaction fee for running the ads to the users across the globe. Cryptocurrency is similarly considered a reliable method in doing an online business over digital marketing.

Benefits of unifying Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Since both blockchain and cryptocurrency are beneficial individually, there are certain benefits of unifying them. The below given are some such benefits:

  • Helps in smart contracts

Using the blockchain and cryptocurrency strategies, employees can be hired on to a platform on long term basis. It similarly provides a wide spectrum of employment opportunities and career contracts for any job under the sky. To track the opportunities better, it is required to follow the most popular e-commerce trends for 2019. All it needs, here is a verified ID and automated updates for making payments in genuine. This removes the need for middlemen during transactions.

  • Reach for targeted ads

The intention behind targeted ads is to draw the attention of the audience in a targetted media. This then ensures easy data collection and gives a better understanding of the nature of the audience. Then again, with the help of these technical strategies, legalization of information can be done. In case there is no reach of the ads, these platforms consequently pay decent compensation. However, it should be assured that the interaction with the clients is done right.

  • Evaluates Performance v/s time

It is good news to any digital marketer to get a project without any deadline. Financially, it is a better idea to spend more on better projects. Sometimes, the performance is evaluated more than the time spent on the project. Consequently, the lack in the transparency of ads shows the loss of trust. Again, while explaining the concepts of blockchain and cryptocurrency to the users, make a point. See to it that there is no beating around the bush while clubbing the two.


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