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How is Xerox going to reinvent itself in future?

Xerox, is a long-forgotten name that has been etched in our memories, probably since the early school days. But in no less time, Xerox is said to reinvest in the future with the aid of artificial intelligence. This is said to benefit the educational sector which is to be aimed at the student and the teacher community. As a matter of fact, this technology of artificial intelligence is expected to implement drastic changes in its different sectors.

Expected features of  Artificial Intelligence reinvented Xerox

Artificial Intelligence xerox

Unlike what is used to be in the past, Xerox is expected to have an incompatible comeback. However, through the addition of artificial intelligence, Xerox is said to create huge revamps in each zone of implementation. The following are some of the expected features of Xerox after the inclusion of artificial intelligence:

  • Reliability

The return of such an authentic source of printing shows that Xerox was once a technology that was the sole source of printing and was economic. It is said to bring in the merit of machine service optimization through efficient machines.  No sooner than it calls itself a reliable source of printing, it is said to provide an Omnichannel experience. This means that the technology will be available in the future through digital and online channels.

  • New revenue streams

Xerox shops are the most crowded places and the best source of income once they are professionalized with the same technology. After a long time, as Xerox is on the verge of reinventing itself with artificial intelligence, there are major changes to be expected. There is also going to be untapped income in future with the increase in Xerox shops. Hence, there is said to be a lot of employment opportunities coming with artificial intelligence.

  • Competitive services 

Artificial Intelligence on aiding Xerox, is said to provide an abundance of competitive services in every field of technology and production. The present report, however, says that there will be a hike in the demand of services of Xerox.

Possibilities of AI oriented Xerox in future

The software technologists and the other potential users of the artificial oriented Xerox find a wide scope for it in future. In addition to the printing services that it is regularly provided to the users, there is wide range of services that are expected with the advent of Artificial Intelligence based Xerox in future:

  • Redesigning of an organization

A disorganized organization can be well arranged with the help of a proper set of rules. The regulation that is given clearly to the workers. The usage of Xerox machines supported by artificial intelligence helps in maintaining a deducible usage of memory and storage space, yet keeping all the information intact. It also increases the operability of a device from long distances.

  • Paper optimization

The 3 r’s that we have learnt during our elementary schooling is the same thing that is to be carried over to the future.  The future technologies using artificial intelligence is said to optimize the pages into many halves. Also, it enables the printers to print the data using very less amount of paper.

  • Green printing

As the name suggests, green printing aims at the name suggests is the usage of the natural colors of printing. Green printing enables printing of better quality using Xerox where the multi-coloring of the images is made possible and each page can be reused. These images keep their colors intact as being printed using metallic colors.


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