AR and VR – The bright Future of Web designing


AR and VR – The bright Future of Web designing

Evolution of AR and VR is creating the revolution in the web designing techniques

The world of internet is a fast growing one. New techniques and technologies are innovated daily to create a better version of what already exists. We have reached a long way from room-full computers to systems that doesn’t even require the screens. Web designing also have come a long way from static web pages to dynamic ones. Dynamic web pages are also evolving daily. The newest of the trend is incorporation of Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) to the web designing. This would create a completely new user interaction experience. Remember those Sci–fi dreams where you could travel along the world, while you are sitting in your room. Well, it is no longer a dream, but a reality. AR and VR incorporated in Web designing will let you roam around website. Sounds intriguing? Read more about AR and VR below.

What are AR and VR?

Virtual reality: Virtual reality refers to the technology, which an entire atmosphere is digitally created, and place the user in the environment. The users will have a virtual reality. You need to have a VR box to use the technology. Maybe the gamers are more acquainted with the technology. With the VR box and headset, you can experience the virtual reality, which the computer created. Now there are standalone devices like Google cardboards that connect to the smartphones. Maybe you are familiar with the YouTube 360º view that enables the user to immerse in the video with a VR headset. Facebook’s Oculus tops the list of VR devices.

Augmented Reality: Unlike Virtual reality, Augmented reality uses the real life scenario and overlay scenes on it. Simply speaking, AR augments the reality a little bit to create a much better user experience. The smartphone camera captures the real world around you and adds information to it. The overlaid information can be images and/or texts.

You are very familiar with the concepts. In 2016, the worldwide gamers were behind the Pokémon Go, which still stands as a perfect example for AR. Augmented Reality can be experienced if you have a smartphone. Various apps let you try the technology. You can also use Google glass and special AR headsets.

How AR and VR affect the Web designing?
As already said, long gone are those days when AR and VR technology was limited to games. Digital marketing industry is now concentrating on creating better user experience and satisfies customers to the most. The better user experience, the better is the business. All websites had gone more user interactive. With the development of AI and chatbots, users can instantly contact the service providers and vice versa. The latest technology that is adapted by the technology is AR/VR incorporation in Web designing. The technology that started in 80’s is now evolving with a much better cause.

Imagine you are visiting a car website – you can sit inside the car. You can feel the ambience inside the car; analyze looks, space etc. inside the car. Or you can visit online shop. Select a dress and try it so that you can get a view of how you look at it.  This is the very basic amenities that an AR/VR incorporated website offers. Visiting a website would be an experience like walking around a store. The URL would be entry wall texts and videos are viewed in a 3D theatre experience.

All these are in not only texts or imagination but already exist. Coders use a language known as Virtual Reality Modelling language (VRML) to create Virtual reality experiences. This also created images and videos that are associated with Virtual reality.

A number of Tech giants are working on WebVR to create an open, standard format for AR/VR web designing. Firefox had built their WebVR version ‘Firefox Nightly Builds’. Chrome has ‘Chrome 56+ for android’ and Samsung has ‘Samsung Internet Browser for Gear VR’. WordPress sites allow the users to upload AR/VR videos. Other companies as Sony is spending a lot on developing something similar. It is estimated that AR/VR web designs would be worth $162 billion market by the year of 2020.

What is good for Digital Marketers?

Already video marketing is trending in the world of digital marketing. With the incorporation of AR/VR in web designing, it would be easier to create the content. This will help digital marketers to achieve more as the AR/VR web designing would be more customer centric and much more interactive. However, digital marketers should keep in mind that not anything in excess would be good. The quality not the quantity is to be focused. With AR/VR web designing it will be easier for branding, product awareness and conversion. Nevertheless, with the competition, every digital marketer would do the same. Therefore, care has to be taken to produce authentic quality content.


With the mobile optimized AR/VR web designing, there won’t be need of gadgets as well. Speculations say that the technology will be in front of common users within a year or two. Distributing AR/VR gadgets will not be practical and that is why tech experts are working on creating something without the need of VR/AR tools. There is no doubt that AR/VR web designing will create a revolution in the field of website designing, digital marketing and shopping experience. The soon Digital marketers understand the opportunity and study it, the better the chances of business to grow. Because accept it not, the world is changing rapidly, so is the field of marketing!


I believe this article helps you to understand the topic ‘AR/VR incorporated web designing’. Share your doubts and views in the comment section.

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Meta description: With the development of Virtual reality and Augmented reality, the world of internet, entertainment and digital marketing are changing. While Google, Facebook, Firefox-like tech giants are working hard on creating AR/VR web designing and browsing, the technology will bring in new and better user experience.



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